The most awkward part about wanting smaller boobs is that I constantly look at other peoples breasts and try to figure out what size it is. God knows I can’t just walk up to someone and be like “hey gurl, I like your tits, what size are they?”. That would just be weird. And a bit perverted. And I…

Breast Reduction before/after: Day after my surgery (june) VS the other day (december)


This may be the best before/after that I have. Top is a few months ago at a 32FF and the bottom is sometime last week, not sure what size I’m at but I’m going to guess about a 34C. Pardon the blue thing in my cleavage, I don’t have any real bras yet so I was wearing a sports bra.

This dress is the cutest thing and it no longer makes me look like a prostitute! Yay! :D 


me: *gets breast reduction*

me: glad i got that off my chest

Okay so nothing is wrong with my throat - u - thank jebus

Finally gonna get the glasses thing set

And have an appointment with breast reduction thingy to see if I’m eligible for surgery.

Things are looking good - u -


Today marks one year since I had my breast reduction! YAAAAYYYY.
Looking back, I feel like so much has changed since surgery. Physically, I feel so much less pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I can practice colorguard more gracefully now, and exercise is a breeze. Emotionally, I feel so much more confident. I can wear what I want rather than covering myself up and restraining myself. People don’t sexualize me anymore, and I’m no longer harassed for something I couldn’t control. In general, I’m just so much happier. This was the absolute best (and hardest) decision of my life.
Anyways, here is a small photo set of my journey (from about a DDD/E to a C)! I present to you before pictures, a pre-op picture, a post-op picture, pictures with my two biggest supporters (post-op), and a selfie.
**As usual, please feel free to ask me any questions if you have had/are having/are considering having a breast reduction! :]

headed into surgery!




Probably not the best representation because I am still stuffed in a sports bra, but 5 days post op and already trying on my entire wardrobe because IT’S SO FUN. 


Had this convo a week or two ago. :\ With the doofus, it was for the first time, but for me, it’s a conversation I’ve had approximately a hundred times with people.

2 of the most common responses I get when people find out about my reduction are

From guys: “BUT WHY??” From girls: “I wish I had your boobs.” or “I’d flaunt it if I had it.”

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUSH. shush. they’re mine. it’s done, i did it, i’d do it again, drop it.